A Scout can learn about business, crafts, science, sports, trades, and future careers through more than 135 Merit Badge courses.

  1. Pick a Subject: Read the requirements of Merit Badges which interest you. Talk to your Scoutmaster about your interests and request a “Blue Card.” Your Scoutmaster will provide you with a list of approved Merit Badge counselors. Merit Badge Counselors have special knowledge in their merit badge subjects and are interested in helping you succeed.
  2. Contact the Merit Badge Counselor: The counselor may ask to meet you to explain what is expected and to start helping you meet the requirements. You should also discuss work you have already started or possibly completed.
  3. Complete the requirements: Contact the Merit Badge Counselor when the requirements have been completed. Take along the things you have made to meet the requirements. If they are too big to move, take pictures or have an adult tell in writing what you have done. The counselor will test you on each requirement to make sure you know your stuff and have done or can do the things required. You are expected to meet the requirements as they are stated — no more and no less. You must do exactly what is stated in the requirements. If it says “show or demonstrate,” that is what you must do. Just telling about it is not enough. The same thing holds true for such words as “make,” “list,” “in the field,” “collect,” “identify,” and “label.”
  4. Get the Merit Badge: When the counselor is satisfied each requirement has been met, they will sign your Blue Card. Present the signed Blue Card to the Advancement Chair to record your progress.

A complete list of Merit Badges is available at Scouting.org.

Merit Badge Counselors

Omaha Troop 405 has in-house Merit Badge Counselors for the following Merit Badges: